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Apex industries is a leading manufacturer of water well drilling products established in Barrie Ontario in 2003.

  • Apex Industries, established in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 2003, specializes in manufacturing water well drilling products and vanes. Their focus on crafting customized solutions such as plugs, nipples, drive shoes, dual-rotary shoes, and couplings caters to specific needs within the water well drilling industry. They offer a comprehensive range of both standardized and specialized products, seamlessly fitting into prevalent market devices. Continuous design customization, driven by inputs from distributors and end-users, is integral to their approach. Upholding quality standards, they operate an in-house heat treatment facility. Additionally, their product line extends beyond water well drilling products to include drive shoes, couplings, environmental solutions, sonic bits, and geothermal bits, making Apex Industries a prominent name among water well drilling suppliers.

    We are making drive shoes, couplings, environmental products, sonic bits and geo thermal bits etc.

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  • All our products are customised according to the customer’s needs and end- users requests up to the last-minute detail. Our specialised water well products are made to fit into standardised devices in the market.

    Our focus is maintained on the quality and precision of our products to the customer’s satisfaction. The in-house heat treatment facility allows us to meet those needs without any hesitations.

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Leading Waterwell Drilling Suppliers in North America and Canada.

Apex Industries